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Bodenbender Inhouse System

Simlpy easy.

Bodenbender Inhouse System

Simply easy.


No noise pollution due to break-up work or loud machines.


Easy to use and thus saves around 50% of the time.


Clean solution thanks to closed system components.

Current situation in Germany

Infographic Water Damage
3.1 billion euros reimbursed by the insurance companies for water damage to inlets and also sewers in the years 2003 – 2019. Every fourth damage is caused by defective pipe connections. In over 30 million households in Germany, the pipes are more than 30 years old. This results in a high need for renovation. In-house renovation solutions from Bodenbender save 50 percent time compared to open pipe renovations and are also much quieter and more cost-efficient. This is where the demand for rehabilitation lies:
Mio. households
Mio. households
Mio. households
With a very high need of renovation With a high need of renovation With medium need of renovation
Mio. households
With a very high need of renovation
Mio. households
With a high need of renovation
Mio. households
With medium need of renovation

How we make in-house renovation so unbeatably good and efficient?
With our new product line! Convince youself of it!

Bodenbender EasyCure
EasyCure 50 m

Bodenbender EasyCure

Fast curing without water or steam

Specially developed heating technology for accelerating the curing times of pipe liners. The Bodenbender EasyCure can be easily operated via the household power supply and does not require a water supply or anything similar.

EasyCure can be used in all old pipe types!
For this purpose, it can either be pushed into the liner afterwards (90° bends are no problem) or be directly inverted with it.
Temperatures of up to 60°C are reached inside the pipe – perfect in combination with our Bodenbender EP renovation resin!

Data and facts

  • Application range: DN 30 – DN 150
  • 3 different cable lengths available: 15 m, 30 m and 50 m
  • Low weight (e.g. EasyCure 50: 19.5 kg)
  • Inversion via the Bodenbender inversion drums (also possible with other drums using the EasyCure Lock) or by means of EasyCure Plugs – 3 sizes available
  • Automatic heat regulation (thus no risk of overheating)
  • Uniform heat radiation over the entire length of the cable
Bodenbender EasyCure Stopfen
EasyCure Plug DN 150

Heat curing purely electrical

Overcomes bends without any problems

No additional
heating phase

No monitoring necessary

For pipe diameter
DN 30 - DN 150

Three cable lengths:
15m, 30m & 50m

Bodenbender EasyShoot

Pipe renovation with compressed air

Newly developed gun for inversion of pipe liners and calibration hoses by means of compressed air – ideal for nominal diameters up to DN 150. The EasyShoot can be easily transported to the place of use and allows extremely fast inversion thanks to its high pressure resistance.

Bodenbender EasyShoot
EasyShoot 1 m
The EasyShoot is mainly made of extremely lightweight Plexi glass, so even the large version can be easily transported to the place of use – special transport bags also protect against sunlight and bumps. The EasyShoot is ready for use in just a few easy steps. It is equipped with a connection for the compressed air supply and a separate connection for a pressure gauge. The EasyCure can also be inserted directly via a separate access.
Suitable accessories: the EasyShoot Adapter and the InversionNozzles.
Bodenbender InversionsStutzen
EasyShoot InversionNuzzle

Data and facts

  • Application range: DN 30 to DN 150
  • 3 different lengths: 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m
  • Capacity DN 100: 6 m, 9 m resp. 12 m
  • Low weight: 7 kg, 9 kg resp. 11 kg
  • InversionNozzles available from DN 50 to DN 150
  • Ergonomic handles, which can be used to adjust the inversion angle at the same time

Your advantages


Easy handling

Ergonomic handles

3 lengths:
1m, 1.5m and 2m

Up to 2.5 bar working pressure

Since our AIRBAGLINER® has been on the market, we knew: Even more must be possible with it. Now we have taken the ingenious features of our bestseller into an important area of in-house renovation. We are thrilled!

AIRBAGLINER® PointHat Blasen; verschiedene Größen

AIRBGALINER® PointHat Bladder

The flexible solution for inlet and branch renovation.

Our AIRBAGLINER® is made for the extremes – now we have its ingenious features in our PointHat System!

Our new bladders are available in all common sizes; special sizes are also available on request.

Due to the double fabric used, our new PointHat bladders are extremely tear-resistant, heat-resistant and flexible.
Thanks to a silicone coating on one side, no resin or carrier material will stick.

Also compatible with other packer systems.

Data and facts

  • Pressure resistant up to 2,5 bar
  • Ultra heat resistant up to 150° C
  • Available from DN 70 to DN 50 up to DN 250 to DN 150
  • One bladder for all branches – no matter if 45° or 90°
  • No turning upside down necessary
  • Siliconized on one side and therefore no sticking

One side siliconized

Can be used for 45° and 90° branches

No risk of tearing

Steam temperature resistant up to 150°C

Extremely pressure resistant

No need to invert

System components

Optimally tailored for extreme performance.

The new system components of the AIRBAGLINER® PointHat system are made of particularly robust material. The packer heads have a safe locking system that does not require any further clamps for securing. The poles are as robust as they are flexible. Choose for yourself which degree of hardness you need for the renovation.

PointHat Packer Heads
AIRBGALINER® PointHat Packer Heads

The direction of installation does not matter – with or against the direction of flow.

Also compatible with other bladders.

Bodenbender Packer Stangen
AIRBAGLINER® Packer PointHat

Data and facts

  • 3 different sizes of packer heads (DN 70, DN 100-150 and DN 200)
  • packer length: 1.18 m
  • 2 different degrees of hardness of the rods
  • Smaller than comparable systems
  • Wrench flat for easier installation
  • Secure connection without extra clamps

Bodenbender Inhouse System.
Simply easy.

You want to convince yourself of the easy handling and the outstanding features of the Bodenbender “Easy Inhouse” product line? Then contact us by phone, e-mail or contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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